Castor Decks: CAS Family

Castor Decks: CAS Family

Fast, efficient and secure containers handling 

Castor deck modules are designed to ease the manual handling of air containers (ULD) allowing safe and ergonomic operations while moving between the operative areas (inbound, sorting, and outbound). Castor Deck design allows either the multidirectional movement or the rotation of ULDs without the need of providing for any electrical or pneumatic or hydraulic power source; further modules can be integrated on scissor lift and/or provided with scales and/or safety stops in predefined positions. With Castor Deck the handling of containers from the aircraft to the unloading area is particularly easy and fast (inbound process). After opening the containers, operators may place the parcels on the handling line to convey them directly to the sorting area. Aircraft loading procedures (outbound process) are similarly easy and fast: after their positioning on the conveyor, at first parcels are automatically separated for the weighing-dimensioning process and then loaded into air containers, which are submitted to the necessary weighing for the flight plan.

  1. Safe and ergonomic operations.
  2. Maximum of flexibility and productivity.
  3. Wide range of customizations available.
  4. High quality of the material.

Technical Drawing 


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