CMC Industries offers, from initial concept through installation and beyond, a complete family of products and solutions designed to handle materials safely and efficiently with the maximum flexibility and productivity.

Our products allow customers to realize their customizable installations, following their needs. CMC provides a wide range of components, among which:

  • Rollers Conveyors: with different kind of transmission,
  • Belt Conveyors: that integrate a special system with the drive pulley placed in the middle of the belt, providing bi-directional use. They are the best option for indoor transport of parcels (either packed or unpacked), cartons, trays or bins,
  • Curve Units: with belt transmission, ideal for medium and high dimension parcels in the logistic sector,
  • Infeeder/Outfeeder: with tangential belt transmission.

CMC works with express couriers since 1990. Our competences do not just stem from the solutions we developed: product customization and system design are the cutting edge of our work, made perfect through more than 25 years of work side by side with the most important brands in express courier field.

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