Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor

Fast, efficient and secure parcel conveying 

As Belt conveyor, CMC Industries produces two different type of products: Belt Conveyor 100M, Belt Conveyor 100H.
The CMC 100M & 1000H series belt conveyor are the best option for indoor transport of parcels (either packed or unpacked), cartons, trays or bins. They are versatile and perfectly compatible with other CMC accessories. These series feature a special system with the drive pulley placed in the middle of the belt, providing the possibility of bi-directional use. Long life and reliability are ensured with this belt series, as well as a very low-noise while functioning.  With an intuitive and esay management, this model is compatible with different type of belts, depending on the application.

  1. High speed and low-noise.
  2. Perfect handling of fragile goods.
  3. Modular concept with flexibility for future extensions.
  4. Low-maintenance requirements.

Technical Drawing 


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