Handling of industrial items

CMC Industries offers, from initial concept through installation and beyond, a complete family of products and solutions designed to handle materials safely and efficiently with the maximum flexibility and productivity.

Starting from the simplicity and reliability of innovative conveyors, up to complete solutions developed to fit with the wide range of Customers’ needs, everything is designed and realized to provide the best possible handling solution while ensuring both safe and ergonomic operations.

PVC belt conveyors satisfies a wide range of light transportation applications, from the smallest single-belt conveyors to the most complex automatic transportation systems while rubber belt conveyors are used when a greater load capacity or a specific flooring resistance is required.

Using matting equipped with transverse profiles, longitudinal guides and containment borders, it is possible to transport loose products, overcome height differences, achieve incline changes and develop additional solutions to satisfy different requirements.

A virtually infinite portfolio is available by properly combining:

  • materials for the structures and sliding surfaces (i.e. aluminum, carbon or stainless steel)
  • surface treatments (i.e. powder coated or traditionally painted, cold or hot-dip galvanized)
  • construction techniques (i.e. lattice or boxed steel with / without incline changes structures, mat rolling on steel / flat / “V” shape rollers / sets of three rollers, idle or gravity rollers, motorized rollers with tangential chain or chain links, round or flat tracks respectively for low loads or high speeds)
  • rollers (i.e. fractioned to allow accumulation, galvanized / carbon steel / stainless steel or plastic, coated in rubber or PVC)
  • mats (i.e. smooth matting, with “fish bone” / transverse profiles or borders)
  • use of matting in special conditions (i.e. high temperatures, low friction coefficient, high abrasion resistance, anti-tear, antiabrasion, anti-grease matting).

Further, combining straight conveyors with curves (conical rollers or belt curves) with different angles, merge / diverge elements, incline / decline stretches, loaders / unloaders items it is possible to create a complete transportation systems

  • PVC belt conveyors
  • Rubber belt conveyors
  • Roller conveyors
  • Vibrating belt conveyors
  • Bulk materials

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