Handling of pallets

Whether you need a reliable, flexible and cost effective handling system to automatically convey pallets between different operating points, you can rely on our product and solutions to optimize your needs for transporting and reorienting pallet loads.

CMC Industries has the expertise and the technology to realize modular and easy to maintain components that can be virtually used anywhere even under adverse environmental conditions and temperatures, this also considering both chilled and deep freeze applications.

Versatility and flexibility of our solutions allow to handle different pallets or load units varying from standardized Europallets, through British or DIN one, up to different industrial pallets with customized dimensions and individual weight of 1.500 kg.

Customized versions can be realized for different characteristics or different load units.

Pallet handling solution portfolio includes components like chain and roller conveyors, orthogonal transfer devices, turntables, lifting tables and lifters.

Chain conveyors are used to move loads transversally when they can be bridged across their width while roller conveyors are used to move loads longitudinally. According to project requirements chain units can be designed with 2-3-4 chains or toothed belts and roller ones with different roller diameters.

Transfer devices are positioned through the lines and remain inactive looking like a standard roller or chain conveyors up to the time to divert loads upon trigger signals from control system. According to the type of requested diversion different units are available to allow transfer with or without changes of direction as well as with or without changes of conveyor type (i.e. roller to roller, chain to chain, chain to roller or vice versa). Liftable actions, where foreseen, are generally provided by an eccentric item that lifts the diverting item.

Turntables are also used either to reorient loads or when two different lines intersects.

Additionally control devices can be supplied, according to the specification, to monitor load weight, clearance, profile and dimensions by load cells, light sensors or mechanical flaps.

  • Roller conveyors
  • Chain conveyors
  • Toothed strip belt conveyors
  • Orthogonal transfer & Rotating tables
  • Liftable units
  • Gravity rollers for dynamic warehousing (LIFO / FIFO)

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