Loaders: LOA25

Loaders: LOA25

Fast, efficient and secure parcel loading & unloading 

The bidirectional single stage loader & unloader LOA-25 is designed to ease the manual handling processes allowing a safe and ergonomic handling of goods between conveyors and trucks/vans/ULD containers. Its design allow both the telescopic extension to provide a roller conveyor surface between the opposite working heads and the swinging rotation to minimize footprint once not in use. Its adjustable supporting leg allows also the use as loader & unloader changing the configuration as inclined/declined/flat unit. All operations are manuals, it is not necessary to provide for any electrical or pneumatic or hydraulic source. The unit, provided with a robust and rigid welded steel frame, is generally mounted on T-rails installed beside a conveyor line to allow the use from different operative positions.

  1. Safe and ergonomic operations.
  2. Maximum of flexibility and productivity.
  3. Different operative positions.
  4. High quality of the material.

Technical Drawing 


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