Multiuse Light Equipment: MULE

Multiuse Light Equipment: MULE

Fast, efficient and secure parcel loading & unloading 

The Multiuse Light Equipment- MULE is designed to ease the packet/parcel transfer operations without the need of permanent installations. In order to allow a rapid repositioning on the unit according to existing operational needs, the steel frame is supported on wheels and the electrical power is provided with a prearranged cable to be plugged into existing industrial sockets. It is not necessary to provide for any pneumatic or hydraulic source. The unit is provided with a local electrical panel with emergency push button and all the necessary push buttons / led lamps to control the unit. Working height is adjustable with both discrete steps and inclination range.

  1. Safe and ergonomic operations.
  2. Adjustable height interface.
  3. Bi-directional use.
  4. Monovrable on wheels.

Technical Drawing 


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