Unloaders: UNL26

Unloaders: UNL26

Fast, efficient and secure parcel loading & unloading 

The single stage unloader 26 is designed to ease the packet / parcel transfer processes allowing a safe and ergonomic handling of goods between the system and the trucks / vans. The unloader is generally installed at floor level in front of a door in docks area, its legs are fixed (welded) to the supporting surface / platform. Its design allow the telescopic extension to optimize the distance between the operators and the working area during both loading / offloading operations. Additional control actions like stop, deviation or other tools may be realized by external items (manuals or automatic) directly coupled to the unloader unit. Retracted / extended length and belt width may vary according to product dimensions and characteristics. Extension may be adjusted through a hand crank and elevation may be adjusted through a manual hydraulic pump. Bidirectional belt with variable speed through variable speed drive unit, with motorized pulley. It is not necessary to provide for any pneumatic or hydraulic source. Emergency pushbuttons and control pushbuttons are positioned at both sides.

  1. Safe and ergonomic operations.
  2. Maximum of flexibility and productivity.
  3. Bi-directional belt.
  4. High quality of the material.

Technical Drawing 


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