Sorting units

Sorting is one of the most challenging aspects within material handling solutions as it may concerns a very wide range of products and solutions as consequence of both system design, products characteristics and requested performances.

Conveyor system generally uses simple solutions to deviate goods in a different direction (30°, 45°, 60°, 90°) respect of the main flow, this can be achieved with simple products like pop-up or steerable wheels as well as with more performing products like pusher / puller units or swing-arm diverters provided with dynamic braking and variable frequency drive.

During operations the Integrator’s control system drive both conveyors and their auxiliary parts to realize a correct gapping and alignment of items along the conveyors, then it triggers the sorting element to divert them with the proper timing / sequence in order to split or merge the flows as needed.

Sorting units are simple and robust units designed for heavy duties, pop-up or steerable wheels are positioned between conveyor elements while pusher / puller units or swing-arm diverters are installed beside the conveyor elements that sort items by pushing / pulling / sweeping goods to the designed side of main conveyor.

  • Manual units (?) SOR
  • Pop-up & steerable wheels
  • Pusher & pullers
  • Swing arm diverters

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