• When we design a machine,

    We always have our customer in mind

  • We are flexible, fast, competitive.

    Just like the systems we create.

  • Excellence at every latitude

    Leading innovation for over 25 years

  • CMC Chutes

    Efficient and gentle handling of products

  • CMC Loaders & Unloaders - UNL31

    Fast, efficient and secure parcel loading & unloading

  • CMC Multiuse Light Equipment - MULE

    Fast, efficient and secure parcel loading & unloading

  • CMC Manual Sorter - SOR

    Fast, efficient and secure parcel sorting



CMC Industries is an Italian Company established in the 1972, specialized in innovative solutions for transport and material handling for logistic business.
Forty years of experience gained designing conveyor belts for poultry industry are at the base of the continue growth in logistics sector, our second division.
Product portfolio spaces from single customized units up to complex system of conveyors realized on international markets.


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of experience in logistics business
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