Company Presentation

Since its establishment more than 40 years ago, CMC INDUSTRIES has based its venture on the strong commitment of enhancing customer productivity, profitability and safety while designing and developing its products in full respect of what we consider our most important values: the respect of the environment and the welfare of people.
Innovation is a key-word in our business model and represents the core of our products, which we customized to the needs of our customers.
CMC INDUSTRIES has been heavily investing in research and development (R&D) and has already established a significant record of patents for new products and solutions that, after their commercialization, have become the yardstick within our customers' industries.
Our exceptional people applied their experience, skills and creativity to develop innovative solutions to the problems of our customers that has revolutionized the poultry automatic loading industry setting new standards and benchmark for others to follow. As we are industry innovators that enjoy the new challenges, we have derived from our history a strong foundation for continue succeeding also in the logistic automation division with the same unique expertise in materials technology, extensive knowledge about industrial processes and close customer cooperation.
At CMC INDUSTRIES we have both the right innovative mindset for developing new ideas into pioneering solutions and the ambition to achieve world-leading positions in all our business areas continuing to set with our machines the industry standards and providing for unique and innovative products & services which create value respecting Life and Environment and making the difference.

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