Facts & figures


CMC Industries is proud to help its Customers to be successful in their business, everywhere in the world and in the most extreme climatic conditions.

Logistic division products and services are used on daily base for moving parcels and packets around the world, millions every year. Some of the top players in the courier business have confidence in CMC Industries’ efficient and reliable products and in its excellent Customer Sevices.


In addition, Poultry division products and services are used daily and in all continents, for a safe and healthy harvesting of chicken and turkeys.

The demand for products and services has grown significantly in the last years, CMC Industries is planning for continue growing together with its Customers in the next years. During year 2016 the global turnover has been roughly halved between the two operative divisions. Current forecast shows a fast growing pace of Logistic Division while confirming the steady growth of Poultry Division.

Contribution to Overall Company Turnover

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