CMC Industries way of working is based on a structured approach that foresees:

  • a joint analysis phase where Customer’s specification requirements and raw data are used to develop the feasibility study
  • a conceptual phase where processed information are used to develop both a concept and a design that would properly consider the operational requirements
  • a realization phase where internal production items and purchased parts are assembled to realize whatever you need with the highest
  • quality standards, on time and on budget

Data & requirement analysis, Feasibility study & Concept design

At the base of this analysis phase is fundamental to put a full understanding of Customer business and operational requirements, this is possible only by the key contribution of the Customer.

Once Customer’s goals and existing constraints have been identified, our solution development Team provide for the definition of an optimized solution that could fit with all technical, economical and performance requirements.

Feasibility studies are elaborated and presented through 3D renders to the Customer and then jointly discussed in order to define together the best possible solution.

Information provided during the feasibility study helps the Customer to perform its analysis (considering all details through the expected total lifetime of the system / product in reference) and to make decisions for investing in the acquisition of new products / systems.

R&D and executive project Engineering

Upon awarding the contract, the CMC Industries R&D and Engineering Team provides for all the executive engineering activities needed to convert the outcome of feasibility study into those executive information necessary for production and sourcing of materials.

Engineering drawings are realized through latest design & engineering 3D technologies, this to ease the visualization of project layout and drawings and to allow highlighting and fixing since the design phase any possible issue.

The Customer, in this way, has the possibility to check and verify its solution through the 3D render drawings provided by CMC Industries. Internal outcome of the whole engineering phase includes both the “Bill of Materials” with “make or buy” information and the virtual assembly of all parts allowed by the 3D technology.

Global result of this way of working is the advanced solution for all the challenges related to project complexity or particular surrounding conditions (i.e. products are designed to maintain their performances even in extreme environmental conditions like frozen Siberia or overheated Arabian desert).

Project management

Upon notification that we have been awarded a contract, a Project Manager and a Team are promptly assigned to the project.
Project Management is centered on a technically and administratively competent individual who will be responsible for the successful completion of the contract, further he provides a single focal point for coordinating all aspects of the project.

Project Team supports the Project Manager providing all necessary engineering, manufacturing and administration services.

CMC Industries charges the Project Manager with the responsibility for compliance with the contract with respect to all aspects of performance, schedule and cost. Moreover, he is expected to conduct the project in such a manner as to completely satisfy both contract word and intent.

Project Manager provides for specific management controls (schedules, review meetings, appraisal of work in progress with the project team members) to assure both the timely entry and the technical integrity of all equipment and services being supplied under the contract.

Production & sourcing, Logistics

CMC Industries premises includes a 10.000 sqm production area where its products are manufactured, assembled and, where possible, tested.
Most of the components are internally produced, however external suppliers are used for commercial components and for some specialized “low technologies activities” (i.e. cutting or bending metal parts).
Commercial parts (i.e. motorgears, belts, engines) are provided by “top brand” suppliers and/or according to Customer’s vendor lists.

CMC Industries operation Team is involved since the beginning into the Project to closely collaborate with the Engineering Department and Project Management. Both Production manager and purchasing lead buyers support the project providing the right material at the right time.
As production range vary from single products with Ex-Work delivery up to the realization of complex turnkey projects, we are available to arrange for complete logistic packages (packing and freight) with timely and accurate delivery everywhere in the world.
Prior to shipment arrangements, all items are properly packed according to contract requirements and real needs (i.e. by truck, by sea, by air, delivery distances and item dimensions). All items are loaded onto pallets with standardized dimensions, or into cages / crates according to their characteristics, smaller items will be previously put inside carton boxes.

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