Gravity Rollers

Gravity Rollers. Ideal and cheaper solution for internal logistics.




  1. Robust design and high quality.
  2. Quick installation. Ideal as sorting destinations.
  3. Broadly customizable.

CMC Intralogistics Technology always by your side.


CMC Gravity Rollers are ideal for medium, big dimension parcels and plastic totes in logistic business. Particularities of this family of Gravity Rollers are low noise and low maintenance costs. These modules, available in different widths and lenghts, can be used either standalone or as slave units of a motorized group.
Starting from the simplicity and reliability of innovative conveyors, up to complete solutions developed to fit with the wide range of Customers’ needs, each Gravity Rollers module is designed and realized to provide the best possible handling solution while ensuring both safe and ergonomic operations.


Technical data


Height: Customizable (STD. 800 mm)
Nominal Width: 900-1000-1200
Roller Pitch: 52-60-78 mm
STD Nominal Length: Up to 3000 mm
STD Linear Load: 50 kg/m