MULE. Effective loading & unloading of products.




  1. Easy packet/parcel handling operations.
  2. Electrical connection by plug with prearranged cable connected to existing sockets.
  3. Rapid repositioning with steel frame supported on wheels. Adjustable working height, inclination angle and belt speed.

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The MULE conveyor is designed to ease the packet/parcel transfer operations without the need of permanent installations. In order to allow a rapid repositioning on the unit according to existing operational needs, the steel frame is supported on wheels and the electrical power is provided with a prearranged cable to be plugged into existing industrial sockets.
It is not necessary to provide for any pneumatic or hydraulic source. The unit is provided with a local electrical panel with emergency push button and all the necessary push buttons/led lamps to control the unit. Working height is adjustable with both discrete steps and inclination range.


Technical data


Length: 4000 mm
Belt Width: 650 mm
Height (Cabinet Side): 498 - 1122 mm
Height (Variable Side): 872 - 2042 mm
Linear Load: 50 kg/m
Drive Unit: 0.75 kW / 400 V3ac