Unloader UNL31

Unloader UNL31. Effective loading & unloading of products.




  1. Robust design and high quality of materials. Available as both left/right handed version.
  2. Telescopic extension to organize the distance between the opposite working edges.
  3. Tilting upward to minimize the footprint once not in use.

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The three stages waist high UNL31 is designed to ease the manual handling processes allowing a safe and ergonomic handling of goods between conveyors and trucks/vans. Its design allow both the telescopic extension to optimize the distance between the opposite working edges and the tilting rotation to minimize the footprint once not in use.
All operations are manuals, it is not necessary to provide for any electrical or pneumatic or hydraulic source. The unloader is generally installed beside a conveyor line at floor level or on a walkway platform, it can be moved (sliding on its wheels) along the conveyor where the operators are providing for the offloading and sorting of goods.


Technical data


Width: 488 - 1233 mm
Length (R/E): 2010 - 4230 mm
Height: STD 800 mm (Adjustable +/- 50 mm)
Roller Width: 400 mm
Linear Load: 50 kg/m
Rollers Diameter: 50 mm