Scissor Lift Unit

Scissor Lift Unit. Reliable solution for ULD manual handling.




  1. Robust and rigid structure customizable for different heights and payloads.
  2. Ergonomic ULD handling and vertical lifting in both indoor/outdoor operations.
  3. High safety standards with safety stops and valves, handrails and bumpers. Optional hydraulic control unit available to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.

CMC Intralogistics Technology always by your side.


Scissor lift are based on hydraulic platform with integrated Castor/Roller Decks module to allow both the handling and vertical lifting of air containers (ULD) in a safe and ergonomic way. Scissor lift design considers the necessity of transferring ULD between the operative level inside the building and at the same height of loading/unloading vehicles (vertical movement is manually controlled by the operator).
The unit is equipped with bumpers and lateral platforms for the operator with safety handrail (minimum height of 1.100 mm), further it is provided with safety devices to double check correct positioning of safety stops (min 2 stops for each side) and to block the movement for preventing safety issues, protective frame under the loading plate, safety valves, and mechanical blocks to be inserted prior commencing any maintenance activities. The platform can be supplied with two hydraulic control units easily interchangeable, to avoid downtime in case of failure.


Technical data


Payload: 8000 kg
Operative Heights: 700 - 1200 - 1900 mm
Electrical Unit: 5.5 kW - 400 Vac
Auxiliary Power: 24 Vdc
Handrail min height: 1100 mm
Min Safety Stops: 2