Slide Chutes

Slide Chutes. Conveying parcels gently and efficiently.




  1. Robust design and high quality.
  2. Broadly customizable in shapes and materials.
  3. LH/RH configuration available with optimized interfaces.

CMC Intralogistics Technology always by your side.


Slide Chutes are used throughout Logistics systems to consolidate the goods coming from the upstream processes so that operators or automatic systems may easily reach them. CMC Intralogistics has the right chutes for your requirements, either welded or bolted versions, they are designed and manufactured to allow both the gentle handling of a wide variety of products and the optimization of their footprint at floor level.
Robust design and high quality of materials allow both the reduction of maintenance needs and a high protection against wear and tear. Slide Chutes varies from simple slides that handle in a safe and controlled manner the products up to special configurations designed to perform specific tasks by a customized geometry or the use of additional components like rollers, braking curtains, internal gates.


Technical data


Slide Geometry: Customizable
Nominal Width: Customizable
Height: Customizable
Length: Customizable