Weight Scale System

Weight Scale System. Reliable solution for accurate ULD weighting.




  1. Four removable access panels for accessing load cells & mounts.
  2. Weighting cells protected with stainless steel case.
  3. Operator panel with double metric/imperial indication. Integrated connections for data transmission to PC or printers.

CMC Intralogistics Technology always by your side.


Weight Scales Units are designed for an easy integration with Castor/Roller Decks and are used for both weighting processes of air containers (ULD) and for submitting the weight information needed to arrange for the flight plan. Weighting scale unit is positioned, according to layout requirements, under Castor/Roller decks. Maintenance accessibility is particularly easy and fast and is assured by removable plates that allows direct access to the weight cells.
Weighting scale units came out from supplier factory already calibrated by certified sample weights and equipped with documentation requested from authorities and certification companies (i.e. SIT, ACREDIA, and so on). Units are also provided by the certification “Verifica Metrica di Prima” (Italian language that stand for “legal for trade”) that is needed to arrange for the formal processes with authorities needed to seal the units used for invoicing directly on the base of measured weight.


Technical data


Max Load: 12000 kg
STD Height: 508 mm (20")
STD Dimensions: 3750 x 2700 mm
Accurancy: 5 kg
Electrical Unit: 230 Vac
Output: Profibus DP