Ball Deck Transfer Unit

Ball Deck Transfer Unit The best way for sorting produts.




  1. Robust modular design with high quality of materials easy to be used and maintained.
  2. Simple construction and smooth handling allowing multidirecional movement.
  3. Simple and flexible device that can be anywhere along the conveyor system. Different material alternatives (Steel, stainless steel or others).

CMC Intralogistics Technology always by your side.

CMC BTU03/04 Ball Deck Transfer Unit are designed for manual sortation, their dimension and shape, configurable according to the application, allows multidirectional movement of goods with redirection and orientation of items. The Ball Deck, supported by a robust structure, is composed by a sandwich of two metal sheets embedding the bearings balls on which parcels are moving on. Easy and quick to replace due to embedded module design.


Technical data


Length: Customizable
Width: Customizable
Height: STD 760 mm (Adjustable +/- 50 mm)
Nominal Capacity: 50 kg/m2