Tapered Roller Curve Units

Tapered Roller Curve Units. Flexible solution for products curve handling.




  1. Robust design and high quality.
  2. Max flexibility and productivity.
    Quick installation.
  3. Broadly customizable.

CMC Intralogistics Technology always by your side.


CMC Tapered Roller Curve Units are ideal for changing parcel direction of conveyor lines. These are standalone units, available in different widths and angles, based on Tapered (conical) Rollers, that allow to have different angolar speed along the single rollers forcing so the parcel change of direction.
Particularities of this family of Tapered Roller Curve Units are low noise and low maintenance costs. Starting from the simplicity and reliability of innovative conveyors, up to complete solutions developed to fit with the wide range of Customers’ needs, each Tapered Roller Curve Unit is designed and realized to provide the best possible handling solution while ensuring both safe and ergonomic operations.


Technical data


Height: Customizable
STD Width: 1040 mm
STD Linear Load: 50 kg/m
STD Angles: 30/60/90°
STD Radius Int/Ext: 786/1872 mm