CMC Industries Team keep monitoring the delivery of materials while arranging for all installation details in order to be sure that everything would run smoothly, this rigorous approach is even strengthened in those cases where site activities have to be performed avoiding disruptions in the parallel day by day operations.
Our skilled Team members and Supervisors are available to support, everywhere in the world, with their experience and direct knowledge all field activities, from beginning of installation, through the support of commissioning / ramp-up phases, up to the handover to Maintenance Team.
As part of our commitment to partnership, we don’t leave the Customer alone as soon as the installation is finished, our Team provides for a “training on the job” to share information with Customer Team to have them confident to operate and maintain the system. Of course, CMC Industries Team is available to support, whenever and whatever, any different Customer need varying from dedicated training opportunities up to complete maintenance packages.
Customer also gain the additional benefit due to both product design and personnel worldwide experience gained from all kinds of installations along the years.
Logistic Division products are designed for using few different types of modules to perform all functions within a single project, this allow to interface various parts without the need for developing specific interfaces and the consequently minimizing installation efforts.
Poultry Division products for doesn’t need specific installation and commissioning efforts as they are generally delivered as “ready for the use”.
Field activities are performed using both direct resources and selected third parties under the supervision of our personnel that will assist them in interpretation of project documents and will give also assistance for identification, handling and installation procedures.
The global results of this way of working are both the faster installation, commissioning and start up activities and the reduction in maintenance and training cost, coupled with a minimal spare parts inventory.