Roller Decks: ROL Family

Roller Decks: ROL Family

Fast, efficient and secure containers handling 

Roller deck modules are designed to ease the manual handling of air containers (ULD) allowing safe and ergonomic operations while moving straight between transfer areas and storage/working positions. Roller Deck modules, provided with gravity rollers, allow the linear movement (without rotation or translation) of ULDs without the need of providing for any electrical or pneumatic or hydraulic power source; further modules can be integrated on scissor lift and/or provided with scales and/or safety stops in predefined positions. With a proper mix of Roller and Castor Decks the handling of containers is particularly easy and fast and consequently cheap.

  1. Safe and ergonomic operations.
  2. Maximum of flexibility and productivity.
  3. Wide range of customizations available.
  4. High quality of the material.

Technical Drawing 


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