Swivel Sorting Unit

Swivel Sorting Unit. The best way for sorting produts.




  1. Robust modular design with high quality of materials easy to be used and maintained.
  2. Pre-setted directions via software or dynamic directions via I-Device Interface.
  3. Fully electric steering system, with modular and independent control.

CMC Intralogistics Technology always by your side.


CMC Swivel Sorting Unit is designed to ease the bidirectional automatic sortation of goods along the conveyor system in a safe and ergonomic manner. Modular design allows more complex configuration deemed to deviate or align lateraly at both sides, and, as well, an easy and quick maintenance accessibility.
Characteristics of this unit allows fast, flexible, efficient operation and easy maintenance all togheter resulting in the cheapest operational cost. Thanks to its two different options (Digital I/O or ProfiNet), CMC Swivel Sorting Unit could be configurated with three pre-setted directions (adjustable via software) or with dynamic directions regulation via I-Device Interface; these types of configurations also allow to set up (via software or dynamically via I-Device Interface) both speed and acceleration.


Technical data


Direction Angles: -90°/+90°
Adjustable Speed: 0 - 1.6 m/s
Max Acceleration: 1 m/s2
Nominal Capacity: 50 kg/m2